Indonesia cluster of islands, with almost 17.000 islands spread over vast area, it has been prone to natural disaaster like Tsunami, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods 

Indonesia has many volcanoes and faulty plates causing major and minor earthquakes and volcanic activities and eruption. In the last two years there were so many natural calamities resulting in lost of precious lives, homes, culminating in more widows. The plight of widow is driven by there poverty. The tsunami had a death toll of 260.000 and Nias and Jogjakarta earthquakes had a death toll of 6400. 

The livelihood job and family is destroyed making them as a single bread winner pushing them to find there own food and sometimes to there children also 



WIDOWS VJM have been helping the Widows who are in Indonesia and India Striving to give them quality good social life and making them a good citizen of the nation Bring them Beyond Barriers.






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