Throat Tumor

DR. Roy came to my church, I had a tumor in my throat near by...because that tumor I can solid food. The doctor recommended operation but also threaten I might lose my speech. I was scared and refuse to be operated. Because of this tumor, I cannot take a solid food. When Dr. Roy prayer , I felt the tumor disappear and I can eat solid food. No more tumor after that. Thank you Jesus.

Throat Cancer

DR. Roy preached at crusade and I heard many peoples while healed, when DR.Roy was crossing my houses returning back of my hotel, my family peoples stop the car and came pray for me. Because of that cancer in the throat they operated and put a pipe for taking food. The cancer still grew I could handle my solid food even the pipe. All doctor and the other treatment fail. When DR. Roy came and pray. The spirit in due left. So I can felt better. No feel tumor in my throat. Now after that prayer, I can eat directly without a pipe anymore. INSTANTLY, I can feel the strength immediately. And started going by motor bike and giving testimony in the sven churches with organized with this crusade.

Throat Infection

I had constant throat infection, all medicine could not heal me. But after DR. Roy prayer throat infection gone.

Soar Throat

I had constant soar throat, sometimes even blood comes from in the morning. After when DR.Roy pray all my pain and soar throat went. No more infection or pain. Praise the Lord.


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