One of the days, there was a Crusade in Tamilnadu. It was a series of meeting and the cyclone disturb many of the days. When Dr. Roy went, it was still raining and many people sitting in the ground with umbrella. The worship leader even announce that the preacher has arrived and the Crusade will be finished earlier because of the rain. Dr. Roy took over the mic and told when Jesus was in physical body, he was surprised about two things. One about the faith of the centurion and the other about the ill faith, but the ill faith of the people, due to which, he cannot do any miracle in his own place. So Jesus is here also and those who have the faith closed the umbrella. When the people starting closed to umbrella the rain stopped abruptly. To everybody surprised the rain stopped inside the ground but outside it was still raining. The Creator of the heaven and the earth stopped the rain.





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