VJMFM (24 Hours Radio)

Welcome to VJMFM  "Arise and Shine"

VJMFM is a 24 Hours  Christian Multilingual  Radio channel with Praise and Worship songs in English, Indonesian Languages and Tamil Languages along with  Anointed Messages, Youth Programs, Women's Programs, Talent and Health Programs besides wisdom from experienced  and successful businessman / Leaders will be broadcasted.

VJMFM is a part of VJMinistries a multifaceted International Ministries registered as Non Profit charitable organization in India and other countries.

This being a part of VJMinistries a Healing and Miracle ministry,you can expect God to do miracles to change all the problems and situations in your life.Jesus is still Alive and now seated on the throne to change all your situation because He died for you bearing all your sickness and problems.

You can visit hear the Radio from www.vjmfm.com and go to the ministry web site  www.vjministries.org or www.vjministries.com .

You may also email to us your prayer request to vjministries@gmail.com

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Visit www.vjmfm.com (24 Hours Christian Multilingual Radio)

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