We are at the threshold of the 21st century, the face of the world's population is changing, and that face is increasingly younger and poorer. Population growth, AIDS, poverty, natural calamities, floods, earthquakes, ethnic conflicts and other forces are taking their toll on much of humanity. Sadly, those who suffer the most are already the poores the most vulnerable population group from poor and developing countries. 

These poor are exceptionallty vulnerable to every type of disease, suffering, physical, and sexual abuse, and they are among the most unwanted and scorned members without medical help, financial stability, and suffer in their communities 

Tens of millions of poor live in the streets, bus stands and jungles without a house to live and become beggar and handy people of mafia, gangs, pimps, and even worse! More poor die each year and suffer daily in hazardous conditions performing illegal things simply because they have no other place to go to get their basic needs. 

They don't have even one square meal a day 

They don't have proper potable water 

They don't have proper dress to keep them from heat and shivering cold. 

They didn't have proper shelter to live, keep away from cold, rain, and sun. 

They don't have means to educate themselves and their children. 

Therefore we have the responsibility to provide food, shelter, dress, education, care and love changing the world a better living place 

POOR VJM have been helping the Poor who are help less in India Striving to give them good social life and making them a good citizen of the nation Bring them Beyond Barriers.


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