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We are at the threshold of the 21st century, the face of the world's population is changing, and that face is increasingly younger and poorer. Population growth, AIDS, poverty, natural calamities, floods, earthquakes, ethnic conflicts and other forces are taking their toll on much of humanity. Sadly, those who suffer the most are already the poorest and most vulnerable population group in the world "children" becoming orphans. 

Some things on Children
Children comprise nearly on-half of the global population. Each child born today has a 30% chance of being born into extreme povery. Most of the world's population growth (currently 77 million people per year) is occuring in the poorest, least developed countries. These children are exceptionally vulnerable to every type of disease, suffering, physical and sexual abuse, and they are among the most unwanted and scorned members of their communities 

Therefore we have the responsibility to mould the future of a child and we strive to provide food, shelter, dress, education, care and love





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