I am from India. After taking a particular medicine for long time, my nose lost ability to smell, So I lived without sense of smell for long time. Though It was not a big handicap, but sill could not enjoy the natural sense of smelling. In one of the meeting I got prayed by DR.Roy and my sense of smell came back. God heals even the least for people like me. Thanks God for His Grace.

Nose Block

Every morning, I wake up with a nose block and struggle with the blocked nose all through the day and many times I have to sneeze to clear the blocked nose. I tried medicine and nasal drops but I could not get any permanent relief. One day Dr.Roy came to our church and I got prayed and God healed me immediately of the nasal block.


I am an IT engineer working in a private company as an IT staff. I had pain in my face and head then I went to hospital for treatment. So the doctors get my face x-ray and found out that I had sinusitis and must get operated. So from the hospital I called DR.Roy and get prayed through phone and immediately my pain gone. DR.Roy asked me to check again my sinusitis and I do recheck after got prayed. After I do recheck, I am surprised because my sinusitis gone clearly and until now I don’t have any pain left. Thanks God for his mercy and grace on me.


My daughter had polyps in the nose and can not breath freely and specially while sleeping had to breath through the mouth. The doctors advised for operation and I was worried of the operation and my daughter also scare of the operation, so we have been praying for a long time. When DR.Roy came to our city for a crusade I got prayed for my daughter and God healed immediately. From that day, there is no problem with her nose while sleeping or being awake. Praise the Lord. pain left. Thanks God for his mercy and grace on me.

Nasal Deviation

Ever since I was small I had the problem of nose blockage every morning and while sleeping I had the difficulty of breathing. The doctors told I had to be operated, I was scared of the operation and also difficult to find the money. In one of the meeting of Dr.Roy I got prayed and God immediately healed me. Jesus had compassion on me and healed me perfectly.


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