I had mouth cancer and it affected my throat. I went for medical treatment in my country and abroad but without any help. The doctor put a hole in my throat and the food was given through the tube fixed in my throat. Dr. Roy preached in the football ground and when he was returning back through my house, my family people stopped this car and requested him to come and pray for my incurable disease. By this time I could not eat solid food or drink any milk or even water. Hence I was under drips. When Dr. Roy came, he prayed for me and I can feel a power going into my body and I can feel the strength in my whole body. And there was no more pain in my mouth. So I asked my wife to bring in bread and I tried eating through my mouth which I could swallow without any pain or this comfort in spite of having the pipe in my throat. I was healed and Jesus still lives. I was asked by the people around to go and give testimony in the seven churches which joined together to make the Crusade. All the days, I have been in bed and now I can use my motorbike within one week to go around the places and give testimony of my healing. It is unbelievable to see that Jesus could heal me and make me normal.


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