I am Ps. George and work abroad, pastoring a church. When Dr.Roy came to our country, he prophesies and told that we have to start a prayer and pastor's network in our area. He specifically mentions me and Ps. David Rag should start this network. But due to the distance and our busy schedule, we were not able to coordinate and start this. But suddenly in few months our senior pastor Rajamone called from India and inform the that. He is going to come to our country and we have to start this pastor's network and mentioned Ps. Daniel Rag's name also. It was so surprising and we don't have alternative to skip it because the directions come from our senior pastor. Today not only the pastor's network is working. But besides it, the network has spread to 7 other countries also. What God spoke in spite of difficulty has come true. We give all the glory to God.

I'm from Malaysia, when Dr. Roy came to my church he prophesies that at my church on me that God will use me outside the church also and informed my pastor also that he could help me in the ministry but after few months, God opened the way to do ministry in the out skirts along with some other people. Thank God what God plan, he revealed and what he revealed he performed. Thank God for His glorious power.


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