I used to have severe migraine usually in the morning after 10.30 am. The pain is so intense so I can’t do anything. I tried all kind of medication and homeopathy and ayurvedic treatment without any result. I had been also praying to God for migraine. One day, DR. Roy came to our church and I was still suffering with pain went to him to get prayed. The power of God came on me and I was instantaneously healed until now. All glory and thanks to Jesus.

I had migraine for a long time and I use to take medicine. But after a long time, the medicine didn’t work so I started taking narcotic to overcome the pain. Once, I met with an accident because of the narcotic impact. And there were little blood cloth in my brain and it complicated my pain more. When DR.Roy came to our place for a crusade I came for prayer and God healed me and all my pain gone directly. I thanks God for his power.



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