Drug Case

I am from Nigeria and was imprisoned for lifetime on the charges of drug trafficking and there was no chance to get out of the prison.When Dr.Roy came and preached and prayed at our Prison.When he prayed over me he said I will be delivered and will be a pastor too. It was unbelievable and next to impossible. He advised make an appeal in the court.As I have repented and become a beliver God helped me to get the favor and mercies and was released from the prison to leave the country immediately and now I am in my church undergoing training and studying to be a pastor as God.spoke through Dr.Roy. Now I believe Jesus is real and can do the Impossible.

Family Court case

My Husband and I had problem in our relationship for some time.Dr.Roy already prophesied to my Mom even before our marriage that I will have problems in marriage and he asked her to pray for me. Over the period of time we fought and he left me when we returned from China and after Pastor’s prayer he came back and went again because of misunderstanding and fighting and filed a case for divorce. Pastor Roy was contacted every week almost 2 – 3 times and he prayed and the divorce case was withdrawn by my husband. Jesus really answers.

Property case

I am Bu.Sri from Pontianak and working in Government as well doing business along with my husband. We bought some hectares of land near on the main road from someone. After some time there was a case filed by local government claiming the land and we were put in problem. The case failed in Kalimantan lower courts and we appealed in the High court in Jakarta. Dr.Roy came and stayed in our home those days and was praying for many people and so many were healed and even problems changed. I have put this case into back burner as there was no way I could find the land can be retained and I didn’t even pray for it for 2 years even though there were many pastors from abroad stay at our home as the case took so many years and even spending a billion Rupiah.But when Dr.Roy spoke and told testimonies it touched my heart and I asked him to Pray for our land. He asked to believe and prayed over the documents. The next hearing came in the following week and there was a new judge who asked for additional time to study and issued special notice to both parties to appear in the next hearing.In the next hearing he asked whether I am prepared to pay the long due land tax and penalty, interest which I said yes and we paid and God returned back our property back to us.We have a great God who restores things to us.



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