Kidney and Urine Healing

My name is Mujiono. I’m from Jakarta. When I urinate, it will only be a few drops, even though my bladder is still full. I’m attendees of a GBI church and I came to a Healing Crusade where DR. Roy preach. He prayed and he prophesied for many people. Many people amid the crowd and I couldn’t reach him, but when he prayed for healing in general, I positioned my hands in my bladder and prayed with him with faith. After the worship, I felt like urinating and when I went to the toilet, I can urinate without any trouble at all. Thank You Jesus for Your healing power.

I am from Jakarta. I have a kidney problem. I have a frequent back pain and when I’m urinating. When DR. Roy attended a meeting, he prayed for me. After the prayer, The Lord directly healed me and I’ve got no back pain troubling me again and I’ve no problem when I urinate. Praise the Lord.

I am from Jakarta. I have a kidney problem for a very long time and was too weak too even stand or sit alone. Dr. Roy come for a Crusade in our church in Puri Indah and he prayed for many people and God healed them. I went to his office to be prayed specifically. After the prayer, I can urinate easily without any pain and I can even stand and sit alone now ! Jesus is extraordinary. My pain and my problem vanished, because of His mighty healing power.








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