V.J. MINISTRIES is Registered as Religious and Charitable Trust founded by Dr.V.J.R.Roy. This is a Interdenominational Multifaceted International Ministries having ministries in the following areas 

01. Crusades
02. Church Ministries.
03. School of Ministries.
04. Intercessory Prayers.
05. Media Ministries
07. Orphans Ministries .
08. Radio Ministries.
09. Promise & Blessing Ministries.
10. Gypsy Ministries.
11. Prison Ministries.
12. Mens Mini

01. Widows Ministries.
02. Orphans Ministries.
03. Poor Ministries.
04. Disaster Ministries.

Where scores of people were lives were changed from their sinful ways through the teachings of Jesus the Saviour. This ministry is based in India the 2nd largest populated nation in the world with oldest, widest cultures & various traditions having multi lingual states. We also have Ministry in Indonesia the nation with 17508 islands of different traditions and practices. Different religious faiths are prevailing side by side from Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim etc having every major religion in this countries. We also do Seminars, support Widows and Orphan children as God spoke to Dr Roy. 


DR.V.J.R.Roy was born and brought up in India having 3 Masters Degree. He started his career as a Management Trainee and held many senior positions in many Blue chip companies and finally become a Management Consultant for Unilever (Hindustan Lever)Limited specialized in Industrial Relations, before start serving God in Indonesia. 

When he was 8 Years Jesus appeared to him in a vision and when he was 13 years God called him for ministry. As a young boy he was involved in village ministry with youth of the church and proclaimed the Gospel in the dusty villages of India by cycle. 

When God called him for Ministry at 13 years, God said through a servant of God that He will use him and take him to Nations. God uses him in many nations delivering people from sins, evil spirits, sickness, financial and family problems. 

Rev DR.V.J.R.Roy Bsc:MA(Admin)MA.(Soc)MA(Theol),PGDPM is a ordained Minister and ministers Internationally. 

God also used him to pray for the elite, poor, business men, parliamentarians, senior Government officials, Political leaders and Governors 

He also speaks in International Seminars and conferences and also teaches in Bible colleges internationally. He also teaches and runs a School of ministry in Indonesia teaching, training and mentoring.

Thousands of people are saved and transformed through this Ministry.


Sandra R.Roy, She has a passion for Ministry and studied Theology.She support the ministry as a backbone in Administration,translation,Motivating and leading people.


Felix Asali, Head of IT Department of a Private Company has a deep desire for God and motivates and Coordinates Youth


Frica Manguliman, is a Business woman running Private School having a longing for Ministry


- Kurniawan, Head of Marketing Department of a Private Company. has a deep quest for Ministry and Prayer

- Dr.Natali Indawathy Wisjaya, A Medical Doctor Has longing for ministry and is a part of Missions Ministry






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