I'm from Indonesia but live in U.S.A. I had a severe pain in my shoulder until my hip if I rise my hand above my hip. I cannot live anyweight or anything with my right hand. I went to several doctors in Jakarta and the other places finally in U.S.A. In U.S.A, the doctors found out that I have a strange disease called frozen shoulder. medically, it is difficult to get healed. I was only undergoing heat and physiotherapy. When Dr. Roy came to U.S.A to a friend's house, we met him. My friend told that God healed many people through Ps. Roy. So I asked him to pray for me. When he prayed, he prophesies and also prayed for my sickness and my pain has gone and I can lift my hand. And there is no more pain or pulling in the back. Jesus even now heals.

I'm from Maryland U.S.A. I have a strange problem of my fingers being numb and I cannot feel anything in my hand for along time. When Dr. Roy came to our church, he asked for everyone who is sicked to come forward and get prayed. When I come forward and get prayed, I can feel a sensation like electricity in my hand and I was healed. Jesus healed me.

I'm from Maryland U.S.A. I had long term Pain due to nerve damage. I under went many medical treatment but my pain continue and I cannot leave my left hand. One of my friends told that there is a Pastor whom God uses to real people. When I went to the church and got prayed, the pain instantaneosly healed. Now I can lift my hand or weight and there is no more problem. Thank God for the healing power Jesus.



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