Dr. Roy and other pastors were returning from the Crusade, from a long place. In the middle of the night around 1 am. Suddenly the car stopped because the gas is finished. At the time, the cars were also running in gas and petrol. So Dr. Roy switch over from gas to petrol and the petrol tank was also empty as the car was not use with petrol for a long time. So everybody in the car were worried. After Dr. Roy prayed and started the car, it still went on. When the gasoline station came, Dr. Roy just prayed and went on without putting the petrol. The others in the car were worried but Dr. Roy said that, we have to have faith. He dropped everybody to the home and he returned back to his house without petrol and with the empty gas cylinder. Next day morning when Dr. Roy wanted to go to his office, he remembered the gas and the petrol were empty. He asked for another cylinder at home, and it was not there hands he went to the gas distributor. They told there is no more gasoline there available for one week due to depavali festival. Dr. Roy prayed with faith and went to all his consulting companies for one week without any further gas or fill in the petrol, saying God can do the same miracle whether for ministry or for his children. God is God of miracles.





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