Mark 10 : 51-52 Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus
John 9 : 1-12 A Man Born Bind Receives Sights






I am a pastor wife and I was attack by glaucoma in both the eyes. One eye become totally blind and one eye I was losing my sight and could see only like a shadow. When Dr.Roy came to our city, I went to the pastor meeting and at the end I got prayed and God healed me right there itself. By the stripes of Jesus, I was healed and now I can see everything clearly.


I am 84 years old and the mother of a pastor. I lost my sight due to old age and I can see people only like a shadow hence I cannot identify a person or an object, all looks like shadow. But being a believer I want to read the bible and I could not read the bible for almost nine years. When Dr. Roy came to our church I went to him and got prayed and God healed my eyes and I can directly see the people and read the bible immediately. We have an amazing God who can change the blind eyes to read the bible.

Retinal Tear

I got an accident and my eyes was injured and there was a retinal tear. I went to the doctors and I couldn’t get a solution hence I lived with one eye problem. But when I came for prayer to DR.Roy, God healed my eyes and I can see immediately. Jesus is still healing people.

Optical Nerve Cut

I am the senior pastor of church. My son being a pastor of a branch church invited DR.Roy to preach in a crusade. I saw many people being healed by the prayers and that Jesus is still healing people. I met with a car accident some years before and my optical nerve got cut, I went for treatment to Germany and Australia without any improvement to my left blind eye. Seeing all this healing I was wondering whether God could also heal me. At the end, I also went for prayer and when DR.Roy prayed I got healed perfectly and immediately. The broken nerve probably has been join by the creator and healed. I thanks Jehova Ropha the healer. Everyone could be healed by God almighty through the stripes of Jesus we are healed.

Born Blind

I was born blind in one eye and was living with one eye for so many years. When Dr.Roy is preaching in the radio and during the interactive time, I heard testimonies of many people being healed and I also was praying putting my hand in the eye, when Dr Roy was talking words of faith and suddenly I can see  and God healed my born blindness. Jesus is amazing.



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