I'm from U.S.A and working abroad. I have a problem with my ears, because of which, i cannot hear on the right side. When Dr. Roy prayed, I also went forward to get prayed. After the prayer, I can really hear. The Creator healed me perfectly. Jesus is alive.

I was born deaf in one ear. When Dr. Roy preached in the Crusade, my faith was triggered and I went forward to get prayed. After the prayer I can hear properly on both the ears. Jesus can healed even the impossible.

I don't know much about Jesus, except that He is one of the Gods. I was born deaf in one ear and on the medical check up, it was found that there is nothing inside the ear. The International Hospital adviced they have to operated and fix some equipment inside my ear to make me hear. Being a girl, my mom and dad were worried about my future. My Neighbouring aunty broad one day Dr. Roy to our home on my mom's request. And when he prayed, I was totaly healed and my maid who is also partially deaf also got healed. Jesus has the power to healed



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