On 2nd September 2009 there was a big earthquake of 7.3 in Richter Scale, at the epicenter below 50km under the sea near Pangandaran, the place where the Tsunami occurred in this place in 2006. Because of the tectonic impact of the earthquake many building were broken even beyond 300 kilometers The people stay in tents because of the broken home or because of the fear of another earthquake. They are traumatized.


7.6 RS Earthquake has struck off the coast Padang in West Sumatera. Indonesia it struck cities and district like Padang, Pariaman, Agam, and around. It happened on September 30th, 2009 at 5.16pm followed by a second 6.2 RS earthquake at 5.38pm, it was less than a month after the West Java earthquake. It damaged houses, infrastructures and several buildings collapse. Hundreds of people died, thousands injured and some still trapped inside the rubles. The houses are in rumbles and people shattered and traumatized of entering into their houses or building fearing another following earthquake will happen again. Total : more than 1100 died Number of houses totally damaged 206.516 Heavy damage 102.046 Partial damage 104.470 VJM provided rice, noodles, and tents for schools and families in Padang Pariaman and also built a school.




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