I'm from Germany, mother of two kids. When Dr. Roy came to Germany, he prophesies about my daughter's relationship that it will be broken before the christmas and he went back. Just before the christmas, my daughter was crying and told me that her ten years of relationship was broker. Though I pitty her and filled for her but I know it is from God and it is good for her as the relationship is not between believers. I thank God for revealing me the truth and the trough these I can console my daughter and myself. Praise God for His almighty power.

I'm from Anna Nagar Chennai. I came to Dr. Roy's office at Anna Nagar accompaning my office colleague to get prayed for her heart problem. When I went, I also wanted to be prayed about my secret relationship. Even before I could tell anything Dr. Roy revealed that my relationship with my boy friend will break as he is not a believer and I am a child of God. Tears came down from my eyes and then Dr. Roy told he has to come out of the sins. Even though we want to get married, we hardly talk to each other personally because of our society practices. So I told my boy friend that I may not be able to marry him as per the plan of God. Hence I asked him to go and meet Dr. Roy and get prayed. When my boy friend went to meet him, Dr. Roy directly called him and told him that he cannot marry me, because I am a believer and he has got secret homosexual relationship with his own brother for a long time. My boy friend was surprised and cried with agony and paint of not being able to come out of this problem besides the complication of not getting married to me. Dr. Roy told if he repent and change, maybe God can help him to get married to me. My boy friend came back, prayed and started reading bible and going to the church. Besides he truly repented and even taken baptism. After the baptism he went and met Dr. Roy. Without knowing anything Dr. Roy told him, because he repented and change. Now God has accepted to get married to me who is a child of God is good and can change every kind of relationship to establish and to help his children. I Thank God from the depth of my heart.


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