I am Lia .I started business in Pasar Central and it didn’t run well. Within few months I had to close. I was worried about the future.I met Dr.Roy and asked him to come a chose a kiosk for me and pray at SGC Cikarang . Dr.Roy came and chose the shop and prayed for me and the shop. We opened a Resturant counter and it was growing well. People who are jealous made black magic and I become sick and the kiosk become empty.Dr.Roy came and prayed again and the business grow up to 5 Kiosk making us one of the successful business person in the whole complex. Earlier i didn’t even had the money to pay for my house and was on the verge of selling the house. But now Gods blessing came on us and we could even buy a Jazz car for my school going child. I give all the praise and thanks to Jesus who made me successful.

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I had a good running business and they had Mercedes benz car, BMW, and many other cars and office complexes but my business went on loss and I have to sell my cars and office complexes. The bank even want to make my home for default of payment. Someone told me to get prayed by Dr. Roy. When I met Dr. Roy, he spoke some of the principle of Kingdom of God and also revealed certain things which are the cause of my financial fall. I accepted to do what God spoke through Dr. Roy. After Dr. Roy prayed, I went home which some kind of peace in my heart. When I was returning from the church, somebody made me and told that my cooking of fried rice, which are used to sell is very tasty and suggested that I open the restaurant. But I told her I don't have money to do anything. She willingly offer 4500 US$ as a capital for me to start a small food counter or restaurant. And I open, and God bless me. I thank God for the surprising assistance. God is good.





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