I had cancer in between my ribs. I was chemotherapy and other medication but when I grow up, the cancer also grow up. And my parents don't know what to do. We all prayed for long time. When Dr. Roy came, I went for the prayer to be prayed by him. After he prayed, my cancer disappeared. Praise God.

I'm a dentist and my husband is a pastor. I had cyst in my breast which also was operated several times and it keep coming back again in spite of various medication and therapy. When Dr. Roy came to our church, I went and prayed. After the prayer by Dr. Roy, my cyst disappeared and there was no more pain or discomfort. Thank God for cyst healing power.

I'm a man, but I had breast on one side and because of that I was feeling shy and did not want to get married, even though some girls like me. When Dr. Roy came for the Crusade, I was in involved in the Ministry. One of the ministry's member told Ps. Roy about this and Ps. Roy prayed for me. After the prayer, my breast become normal like the other breast. Thank God for His mercy.



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