Brain Tumor

I am from Philippine and a pastor wife. When Doctor Roy came to preach in the meeting, I was there and I saw the healing video shown by him and my faith developed. Earlier, the doctors declare I have a tumor in my brain and I was not able to walk alone or get up from the chair or sit on the chair alone. But after Dr. Roy pray, I could get up and walk and jump and do everything. Thanks God for His Mercy.




Monkey Man

I am from south India and I ever since my son was born he could not do anything on his own. He has the nature of a monkey and keeps jumping and in a minute can climb a tall coconut tree like a monkey. He doesn’t know to eat or to go to the toilet or to wear his dress, so we have to give him a food.
When he is hungry, he will knock the door or the floor because he jumped and run out like a monkey, we had to put him inside a wooden cage like an animal though we pity him cry for him, and wonder about his nature. We don’t have an alternative to do anything. If he go to toilet, he is not aware of it. So, we have to be with him 24 hours to take care of him. Doctors and Medicines could not help him but when DR.Roy came for a crusade he was invited to our home and he prayed for him.

Then, DR. Roy told to remove the rope tied in his hand and pray for him and we can see the change in his face and also in his behavior immediately. So Dr.Roy ask him to sit properly and stand though he could not talk but still understand the action and follow sitting properly in style as you see in the photo. Later, the day evening he came to the crusade and he was sitting quite in one place which was astonishing to us.


I am from Chennai, India. My only daughter around 8 years had problem in the brain and had epilepsy and had convulsion every single day. So, I had to take care of her and can’t be sent to school and saliva use to fall from her mouth without her control. One day, she was sick of high fever and there were so many convulsion shock and the doctors told it time that she may have to go back to her creator. So the doctors told to inform our relatives and I was so desperate for prayer  and medication. Finally, call DR.Roy for prayer and he prayed earnestly and during the prayer he told the child shall be normal and first in the class. After the prayer, all the shock convulsion and the falling saliva stopped instantaneously. Later She became normal and was admitted in regular school and became first in class and in dance. After two years my husband can reach DR.Roy and inform him about this miraculous healing. We thank God for his mercy and grace.    



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