Pelvic Bone Replacement Pain Healed

I'm Camala 79 years old from Candy Srilanka, Wife of a Doctor. I had my pelvic bone broken and it was replaced 2 years before. Ever since I had pain and difficulty in standing for along time and climbing the steps.

When Dr. Roy prayed, I can feel there is some loseness in my hip and there is no more pain to climb the test or walk fast or standing for along time. Because of this I had some fear which also went. I also tried walking up the stairs and doing things which I could not do.

Thank God. The pain and the problem which Doctor could not healed was healed by Jesus.



Fractured Knee Healed

I am from Papua, Indonesia. I fell in a mountain and I broke my knee. Due to the lack of adequate treatment, my knees were folded and walking was difficult and was painful. Dr. Roy came to a stadium in Cendrawasih, Jayapura and I got prayed by him. After the prayer, my pain disappeared and I can fold my legs normally again without pain or other difficulties. Praise the Lord !

Bone Fractured Healing And Steel Plate Dissappear

I am from Malaysia. I had an accident which caused broken bones. I went to a physician, who connect my bone with an iron plate, but I still feel the pain. Then I asked Dr. Roy to pray for me. After the prayer, God healed me and I feel no more pain and incredibly when I do the X-rays, the Iron plate is gone. Thank You Jesus for you miraculous healing power.

Spine Healing

I had an accident and it injured my spine. The doctor said that I have to wear a 20 CM belt in my lifetime while I’m asleep or taking a shower. If I remove it it will either injure me or even paralyze me. I’ve been using them for 4 years. When Dr. Roy came to our church in Chennai, India, He prayed for me and God healed me. After the prayer I can bend and stand without the belt and with no pain at all. God is awesome!

Finger Pain Healing

I have cramps in my hands so I can’t fold my fingers due to swelling and pain. When Dr. Roy came for a Crusade to Pontianak, he prayed for my hands and God instantly healed my hands. My pain disappeared and now I can hold the Bible, the mike and other things. Praise the Lord!

Old Age Bone Problem Healing

I find that my bones, body and my back troubling me due to old age. I am a doctor and they said that only painkillers will help reducing my pain. But eventually I became immune to it. When Dr. Roy came to Manado, Indonesia, he prayed for me and God healed me. After the prayer, the pain disappeared and I was able to bend, stretch and do anything without any pain. Jesus is awesome!

Spine Injured Healed

I attended a meeting in Malaysia, where Dr. Roy was preaching. I got a motorcycle accident and I injured my spine. I can’t sit or stand for long periods and can’t bend also. At the end of the service, when Dr. Roy was taking a prayer request for many people, he prayed for me. After the prayer, directly all the pain disappeared and I can stand and sit or bend or do anything normally, without any pain. God healed me completely. God is good!

89 Years Old Grandma Walk After Healing

I am from bandung, Indonesia. I am 89 years old and because of my age, it has been 2 years that I can’t sit or stand normally. The doctor said it’s because I’m old. I always need someone to walk or else, I need a walking-stick. But after Dr. Roy prayed for me, God healed me and I can stand, sit and do anything else without any pain, even at this age. Thank You Jesus for giving me strength.

Ribs Pain Healed

I'm from Manila. I've been suffering from pain in the ribs and lungs. When DR.Roy came to our church, he prayed for me. After the prayer, the Lord healed me. The pain was missing and I thanked the Lord for He was good.

Legs Numbness Healed

I suffered a pain on my left leg and numbness on the lower leg due to injury. It’s been a longtime because of some nerve injury. Dr. Roy came to our church for healing crusades. He prayed for many people. When he prayed for me, God instantly healed me. My pain and numbness was gone. Jesus still heals! He is still the same yesterday, now and forever!









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