Blood Cancer Healed

My son of six years was diagnosed of blood cancer and was given chemotherapy under strict supervision. Day by day, it became more serious and my husband lost hope besides the Doctors told he is closed to death bed as the platlets given dissappear within hours. As I am not the good Christian, I really don't know how to pray. As days went on, the Doctors told he has to be monitored 24 hours and no one can enter his room. my husband's friend a hindu from India told he knows a Pastor who can pray for my son.

And Dr. Roy was brought to the hospital, he pray to my son and my son could respon for the first time, in days. When Dr. Roy came out of the room, he asked my husband to meet him and get prayed. next day my husband and me went to meet Dr. Roy in one of the businessman's office. Dr. Roy spoke to my husband and through him, God revealed certain secrets. Later when he prayed, my husband could see Jesus. And Dr. Roy said, "Jesus loves him" and his son will be healed and asked him to do medical check up again. When the medical check up was done, there was no sign of cancer or problem in his health. And my son also became fresh and wanted to get down and walk. Since the Doctor diagnosed, no more cancer and he was sent home. Ever since my husband became strong in Christ and his lifestyle also changed.

Thank God for His Miracles' power.


Blood Pressure Healed

I had blood pressure problem for 17 years and was under constant medication. When Dr. Roy pray for me, I can feel some kind of sensation in my body. but still I was taking blood pressure medicine. Suddenly my blood pressure went down and I almost fainted and fall down. When I was taken to the Doctors, They said that my blood pressure is low, but acctualy my blood pressure is high. It's suprised me and my family doctor. I was asked from the next day to reduce or stop my blood pressure medicine to check.

When I stop the medicine, I could find out the blood pressure is still normal and the Doctors were suprised of the unnatural phenomena and it became our testimony that Jesus can healed the long term incureable dissease like blood pressure. All glory to God.

Blood Thickening: Polycythemia Symptoms And Causes

I have a problem of blood thickening and the blood cannot climb unto my brain and my hands and legs became numbed. I had to be under constant medication for this and I cannot walk or run fast and I feel tired and weaked due to less oxygen transportation. When Dr. Roy prayed, I can feel the power of God and I was healed.

I'll give all the glory to Jesus for healing me permanently of this complication









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