This lady totally blind in right eye for years and lost her hope of restoration of eye sight was healed after DR.V.J.R.Roy prayed for her.By the stripes of Jesus people are healed.

While working a small piece of iron fall into his eye and it has to be operated and taken only Besides the cost the losing of sight was a fear for him.He continued with pain and irritation,But after Dr.V.J.R.Roy prayed God healed him.

This Sis has shadow like block and blinded in one eye.When Dr.V.J.R.Roy prayed it was cleared and not only she can see but also read the bible.All Glory to God.

This lady blind for 9 years and can see anything as only shadow can now read Bible after the prayer of DR.VJR,Roy.Jesus still lives.

I am 84 years old and the mother of a pastor. I lost my sight due to old age and I can see people only like a shadow hence I cannot identify a person or an object, all looks like shadow. But being a believer I want to read the bible and I could not read the bible for almost nine years. When Dr. Roy came to our church I went to him and got prayed and God healed my eyes and I can directly see the people and read the bible immediately. We have an amazing God who can change the blind eyes to read the bible.

I was born blind in one eye and was living with one eye for so many years. When Dr.Roy is preaching in the radio and during the interactive time, I heard testimonies of many people being healed and I also was praying putting my hand in the eye, when Dr Roy was talking words of faith and suddenly I can see and God healed my born blindness. Jesus is amazing.



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