Spinal Damage Healed

I met with an accident in motorbike and my spine got damage. I went to the doctor and doctor give along treatment with long time prescriptions and physiotherapy along with the big belt to wear constantly whether while taking bath or sleeping. In spite of the medication I was not healed and there was continuous pain.

One day Dr. Roy preached in our church and when he pray for me, I was healed of the constant pain and I could feel the power of God like Lightning. And when I open the belt, there was no more pain and I can stand and walks straight without the supporting belt.

Thank God. Jesus healed me.



Back Pain Healed

I fell down from the first floor and got my back injured. I took medication and medicine for long time.

When I came to our church, I saw Dr. Roy preaching and my faith got kindled. I went forward to get prayed and my pain instantly went. Jesus still heals.

Back Pain Due to The Pregnancy Healed

Due to my pregnancy complication, I had serious and severe back pain constantly. Even though I have consulted many Doctors, still the pain doesn't seem to go. I was left with no option of medication and the suffering continued. I have to take lot of medication everyday. The pain doesn't seem to go.

When Dr. Roy was preaching I wanted to get prayed. when I went to the front, I can feel the power of God, when Dr. Roy prayed the healing power came and transformed my life.

Thanks God. I don't have anymore pain, I can walk straight and I can lifted things now. Jesus still lives.









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