I’m from New Jersey, USA, with arthritis and bone grinding. Pst. Roy was brought to my home for a general visit. When I was told that God uses Pst. Roy in healing ministry, I also wanted to be prayed for the incurable arthritis and bone grinding disease. My old age added to my bone grinding. After the prayer of Pst. Roy, I was instantaneously healed and all my pains has gone and there is no more bone grinding.. Praise the Lord!

This Sis had Arthritis pain and swelling until she cant even close her hand to hold anything but the power of Jesus came and healed her when Dr.VJR.Roy prayed.

Arthritis swelling and pain for long time got healed when Dr.V.J.R.Roy prayed .Jesus still heals.

I came to the crusade where Pst. Roy was preaching. I had Arthritis pain for a long time. All medicines can’t work and I use to use only painkiller which only gives a temporary relief in pain. During the altar-call, I went forward and got prayed by Pst. Roy. After the prayer, the pain went immediately. Praise the Lord!

I’m from Malaysia. I came to a crusade where Pst. Roy was preaching. I had swelling in my bones joints, in both hands and legs. Because of the swelling, I can’t fold my legs and my fingers. But after the prayer, the pain and the swelling instantaneously went. Jesus is still healing!

I had Arthritis and it was so severe that all my body was painful in the bones and joints. The medicines could not help in anyway. I travelled from my village to the city for the crusade for my healing. When Pst. Roy prayed, I was healed from all the pain and swelling. I return back without any pain to my village. Thank You Jesus for Your healing power!

I’m from Chennai, India. I came to the healing meeting in my church with great pain. I have been living with this pain for years without any relief. I actually thought that I have to live with the pain all my life. When Pst. Roy asked people to come forward for healing and deliverance, I came forward and my pain went after Pst. Roy prayed. I’m from Chennai, India. I had severe arthritis pain and my joint, my legs, everything was swollen and I can’t move or walk for 17 years, due to the arthritis pain. My son-in-law is a Pastor and was conducting a crusade just outside my home in a ground. In the Crusade, Pst. Roy was preaching and I got the faith hearing the message. But I’m not able to move out of my home, because of the pain and the swelling, besides I don’t have anyone to help me to bring me out to the Crusade for the final prayer. But when he was praying from the stage, the power of God came on me and I got healed and the swelling also went. So when the crusade was over I got out of the bed and went out to meet Pst. Roy, as he was walking to his car and got prayed again. The power of Jesus is incredible to reach even my bed in my home. Praise the Lord.



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