I am having a piggery and have imported pigs from Australia. I kept some of them for breeding and try to breed them but nothing was happening. The veterinary Doctor tried everything and I tried different doctors and consultants besides prayer. I was frustrated and annoyed of the recurring expense without return. During this time Dr. Roy was brought for crusade to my capital city by my sister who was also a Pastor. She requested Dr. Roy to come and pray for piggery and business. He accepted and came and prayed and went. In 2 weeks of prayer the pigs become conceived and gave birth. Thanks God. We have a mighty God.


I'm from Tirunelveli Tamilnado. After Dr. Roy preached in one of crusade we invited him to come to our home and prayed for our cow which is barren. We have tried our best with medicine and veterinary doctor. Dr. Roy humbly come to our home which is inside the village far away from his hotel. And prayed for the cows. After he went, the cows concieved and gave birth to many calf. I Thank God for the blessing and doing for impossible thing.


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