I am an engineer from Trichy and I was chosen to work in Dubai. When I went for medical check up, after passing all other interviews, to my surprise I was told that I am HIV positive. I don't know what to do. Tears run in my eyes. I went for another medical test through another laboratory and again was confirm that I am HIV positive. I only had a girl friend but I have acquired probably from her. I was so angry with myself the girl friend and the situation. The situation is so bad that I cannot tell my parents as it is very sensitive. Besides I don't even have the money to go and leave some where else. At the point of time, I decided to fly back to Madras to attend a crusade. And I decided, if I am not healed, I will suicide. When I came for the crusade the great preacher who calls by name didn't call my name. Hence, I cannot go to him and get prayed. That night, there was an all night prayer and when everybody was prayed and healed, I also when the prayer. When I came near Dr. Roy. He directly told me that I am suffering from incurable deadly disease. I accepted and confess, Dr. Roy prayed and there was a power from my head to the toe and I fall down. When I wake up, I can feel new strength in my body. Dr. Roy told go and do the medical check up and be a testimony. The next day, I did the medical test and found out that I am healed and no more HIV. Thank God for His healing power.

I am from a good christian family and my father is also a worship leader in a famous church in my city. Due to my job, I had to go to another province and The God into a relationship with a girl and probably through her got the AIDS. I was admitted in the hospital and many people came and prayed for me. The doctor told my disease has been there for quite sometimes and I am closed to dead. Everyday one person is dying of AIDS in the hospital. Suddenly somebody brought Dr. Roy and he told me to confess my sins. All the while, I've been telling that I got the AIDS from my girl friend but Dr.Roy opened up and said this is from the girl, I got aquinted in my job. When I confess the sins, I can feel peace in me and Dr. Roy prayed for me and I can feel the strength and I was crying. I can feel the power going to my body like an electrical shock and I felt hungry too. Dr. Roy told, do a medical check up. After the medical report came the doctors did the medical test again and found out that I don't have anymore AIDS. And they asked me to go home. The Stripes of Jesus still heals.



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